The vast majority of people that live in India and Asia make their homes in small villages. Villages are nothing short of a living hell with millions trapped in poverty, sickness and hopelessness. Our Bible college students and pastors that work in villages do their part by sharing the love of Jesus and planting churches.

Upper Room Mission began its village ministry in the summer of 2001. God tremendously blessed this outreach to the poorest of the poor, and today URM missionaries are working in over 35 villages and slums. In 2003, URM opened a Bible school to specifically equip students with the skills needed for this ministry.

Village ministry is different from other outreaches mainly because it deals with masses of desperate people who have no means whatsoever to better their situation or escape their surroundings. It takes tremendous self-sacrifice and patience on the part of our native missionaries to work among them, win their trust and lead them to Jesus.