Who can count its value? Who can appraise its worth? An immortal soul is beyond all prices. In money, one soul is of more value than the wealth of the whole world. It is better that all the inhabitants of the world suffer all their lives on earth, if by their suffering one soul could be saved. There is no trouble too great, no humiliation too deep, no suffering too severe, no love too strong, no labor too hard, no expense too large. It is worth it if it is spent in the effort to win a soul. A soul will never die. God said, “He that winneth souls is wise.” (Proverbs 11:30)

We understand that the Lord of the Harvest has many ministries, and that many of them are requesting your time and financial support. The need in Asia is great, but in many countries, a little can go a long way. For example, in India we can support a single missionary, for an entire month, for 30 US Dollars. Please prayerfully consider what the Lord would have you do. Gifts to URM are tax deductible.

If you would like to help this ministry continue to grow and serve those in need here in India and around the world, please consider giving a special offering today. We pledge to be faithful stewards of your gift.

We are a non-profit organization. Please call the URM office if you have any questions.

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Thank you, and God bless you for your prayerful consideration of being part of this great challenge.